Humble Family | St. Andrews State Park

February 15, 2016  •  1 Comment

This past Friday was not one of our warmest, that's for sure!! The wind was just a whipping & the chill off the ocean was...burrrr!! But!! You would NEVER know it! This adorable family toughed it out & smiled right on through it! Even sweet little 3 year old Mason! That kiddo was such a good sport & grinned big for me, even with the 10 MPH wind we were experiencing!! 

Lee & Tiffany brought Mason down here to visit our beach for a weekend get away & decided while they were here, they would take advantage of our beautiful scenery & schedule some photos so Tiffany could show off her BEAUTIFUL ring Lee purposed to her with :) I'm totally jealous! haha The man's got good taste for sure!! You'll see for your self in an image below. They will be coming back in September, to tie the knot here in Panama City!

What I want to know is...Is this real life?! Is my job REALLY hanging out with an awesome family on a Friday evening, getting to watch the sun set over the water, awing over a beautiful ring & playing in the sand with a cutie like little Mason?! Ahhh! My heart is so full <3

Hugs, y'all!

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Deanna Deal(non-registered)
Absolutely Gorgeous Pictures of Tiffany and Lee & Mason they all turned out perfect..
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