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Hi there!! 

Yep, that’s us up there! Jeremy & Kelly Wright along with the rest of the Wright herd!! Jeremy & I spent the last decade falling head over heels for one another, even though we are practically complete opposites & like to make fun of one another almost 100% of the time! Haha! We have fun together, that’s for sure! We have been blessed with 4 rambunctious little kiddos & a biggo' fur baby [Mckenna, Bentley, Delaney, Wesley & our doggy Babe] Our home is rarely quiet...or clean, but we wouldn't have it any other way! We’ve spent our whole lives right here in the "Sunshine State" & could never imagine living somewhere without the sugary, soft, white sand between our toes! Towards the beginning of 2009, that handsome hubs of mine encouraged me to take the leap & focus all of my attention into doing what I really love versus working a 9-5 job. So that’s what we did! I traded my office job in & now I get to call the world's most beautiful beaches my office! What a life, huh?! I have seen & photographed it all, but over the years, my heart has been completely taken over by weddings. I love everything about love & turn into complete mush at every wedding I attend at some point! I almost always boo-hoo during the mother/son dance. & cake! Ahh!! That’s a major perk of specializing in weddings ;) Jeremy makes sure to bring a slice over to me each wedding <3 As photographers, we’re pretty laid back & like to keep our time together feeling relaxed, fun & free. Our goal is to capture those true moments from your day, so I love interacting with you guys, getting to know everyone, laughing & cutting up with you some, with the hopes of getting that real, genuine smile out of you. We try to capture life as it is...in all its unpredictable beauty & put our whole heart into each photograph we take, trying to make them "Just Wright."