Humble Family | St. Andrews State Park

February 15, 2016  •  1 Comment

This past Friday was not one of our warmest, that's for sure!! The wind was just a whipping & the chill off the ocean was...burrrr!! But!! You would NEVER know it! This adorable family toughed it out & smiled right on through it! Even sweet little 3 year old Mason! That kiddo was such a good sport & grinned big for me, even with the 10 MPH wind we were experiencing!! 

Lee & Tiffany brought Mason down here to visit our beach for a weekend get away & decided while they were here, they would take advantage of our beautiful scenery & schedule some photos so Tiffany could show off her BEAUTIFUL ring Lee purposed to her with :) I'm totally jealous! haha The man's got good taste for sure!! You'll see for your self in an image below. They will be coming back in September, to tie the knot here in Panama City!

What I want to know is...Is this real life?! Is my job REALLY hanging out with an awesome family on a Friday evening, getting to watch the sun set over the water, awing over a beautiful ring & playing in the sand with a cutie like little Mason?! Ahhh! My heart is so full <3

Hugs, y'all!

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Waiting on Wesley

February 08, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Hey there,

Can you believe February is already here?! I can't even!! The year is already zooming by! Some days...the days drag on for me! haha But I feel that way, completely due to the fact that I am very, VERY pregnant at the moment & the end is drawing near :) Currently, I am a momma of 3 & hopefully in the super near future, our newest little man, Wesley Dean, will be making his big reveal & joining our family! We (his siblings, especially) are so anxious to meet his sweet little self! The day really cannot get here soon enough :) A few weeks ago, right when I was around 35 weeks pregnant, we decided to round up some outfits & take our kiddos to a near by field & snap a few photos of myself with my babies, while we're waiting on Wesley. Its not too often that I am on that side of the lens but!! This is such a special moment in time, how could I not have it captured!? 
Pregnancy is SUCH a blessing. I'm starting to get a bit uncomfortable at this particular phase of my pregnancy & trying to keep up with the 3 rambunctious ones we already have, wears me slap out! haha But! I truly love every part of being pregnant! I'd do it again & again if Jeremy would let me! haha! Still keeping my fingers crossed for another one...or two, after this little guy but, I'm still having to do some persuading on that husband of mine. He thinks we have our hands full already as it is :] It is just such an awesome experience! The flutters you feel, the depth of love you never knew could exist for someone you've never technically met, the bond you instantly have, the closeness it brings to you & your family, the belly rubs to my tummy that I get from my older children as they anxiously wait to feel their baby brother moving around, knowing this baby is a result of love my husband & I share for one another, the strength you find within yourself as a woman throughout pregnancy & the birthing process. It all is just totally amazing & something I am so grateful to have been able to experience. Of course I could not think of a better way to help us all remember such a special time, besides having Jeremy, my handsome, well taught (lol,) 2nd shooter, partner, hubby, capture a few precious moments of myself with all my little loves :)

I'll be sure to keep you guys updated & let cha know when our little fella decides to come out & join the herd we have waiting here for him :] Please goodness, tell me it won't be much longer! hahaha 


Oh!! PS: Meet my family <3 I have yet to formally introduce our munchkins on here

Oldest>> Mckenna Avery >>11
Middle>> Bentley Allen >>4
Youngest (for now ;]) >> Delaney Grace >>2
Fur baby>> Babe Wright

Rosie + Lucas | Camp Helen Engagement

February 02, 2016  •  Leave a Comment Mother Nature really tried to give me & Rosie a serious panic attack this past week!! haha! Let me explain; Sweet Rosie, her soon to be hubs, Lucas & their handsome fur baby, Peanut, were here in the "Sunshine State" piecing together some of the details for their wedding day that will be coming up in September (eeekkk! I can't stinking wait!) While in town, of course we wanted to meet face to face after all the conversations & email exchanges we had, & decided to meet at Camp Helen State Park for some engagement photos. Well....after a gloomy, raining, foggy turn out on our first several attempts to get together, Friday rolled around & was officially our "last chance" at making this happen before they headed back home & it....was BEAUTIFUL! The weather could not have been any more perfect!! The only thing better than the weather, was this adorable couple & the VERY evident love between them! After 12 & a half years together, Lucas & Rosie will be saying their I do's on the worlds most beautiful beach & I am so anxious for that special day to get here! I am super excited to get to spend more time with this lovely couple & cannot wait to see little Peanut strut down the aisle as the cutest ring bearer, ever! Until then, I'll ohhh & ah over these images from their sunny session!!

Enjoy :) 

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